Dr.Zahir Kazi

Dr. Zahir I Kazi was elected president of Anjuman I Islam, a century old largest educational and social welfare organization, in November 2009. In this role, he chairs the Council of Anjuman I Islam Board. Dr. Zahir I Kazi has enjoyed a long and varied career in Medical, Academy and Social activities.

Qualification wise,Dr. Zahir I Kazi has an M.D, DMRD, M.B.B.S (University of Mumbai), FMRI (U.S.A), MAIUM (U.S.A.) degrees attibuted to his achievements.

Within Anjuman I Islam, he held a quite a number of trustworthy positions before finally becoming the President. Before achieving the position of a President within Anjuman I Islam, he was an Elected and held the position of Member of General Council of Anjuman I Islam 20 years, held the position of Executive chairman, board of Tibbia College and Hospital and finally the Honorable General Secretary.

Dr. Zahir I Kazi has many Awards and Achievements for his contributions. To name a few,

  • He represented India at 12th youth goodwill mission to Japan

  • He was awarded for his outstanding service in field of medicine by EKTA foundation and in the field of Education by SEWAA at the hands of then Chief Minister of Maharashtra

  • Ex-President of Goa Medical College Students Union

  • Ex-Members of students council University of Mumbai

  • Ex-Secretary of Doctors club of Bombay Hospital

  • Member of Sub Committee for Club Affiliation, Mumbai Cricket Association

  • Awarded best all round student in MBBS

  • Won various awards in debate and elocution competition